About PMS...


 Who is PMS?

Lisa Mardis, Founder and Principal of Project Management Services, LLC (PMS) offers over 15 years experience working with and in city administration. 

With more than a decade of experience with the City of Morgantown, Lisa decided to put her experience to work by providing much-needed assistance to the residents, home owners, and developers who struggled to mitigate the processes of building and planning at the local level. 

Services of PMS are not limited to the City of Morgantown.  

What does PMS do?

PMS is dedicated to providing home owners, contractors, developers and design professionals a combination of services to help navigate the bureaucratic network, saving both time and money, to make every building project a success!

Where does PMS work?

Anywhere! PMS, nestled in downtown Morgantown, has provided assistance on building projects throughout Monongalia County, as well as other areas of West Virginia.  

Through years of experience, PMS staff has established relationships with developers, contractors, engineering firms, and design professionals working on development projects throughout the region, and will be able to accommodate your building needs, no matter your site location.  

When do you need PMS?

PMS will get involved at any stage of your project and can tailor services to meet your needs.  However, the earlier PMS becomes involved, the better the value and range of services to benefit the building process. 

What are the costs?

The costs of managing or overseeing the permit processing, submissions, project planning or other phases of any project will depend upon the scope and complexity of the specific project.  For detailed information regarding PMS service fees , please contact me personally at 304.212.5256.  

Can PMS help if the construction project has already started?  

PMS can assist you in any phase of the project.  It is never too late to call for a free evaluation!


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