A successful construction project takes more than hiring the right designers, the right engineers, the right contractors....

...sometimes it takes PMS

 Preliminary Phase 

  • Due diligence research for site and applicable regulatory requirements
  • Site plan evaluation
  • Property acquisition 
  • Consulting for site development strategies and issues
  • Design Phase
  • Regulatory relationship management
  • Permitting strategy
  • Consulting resource for design team
  • Coordinating municipal reviews
  • Meeting representation
  • Building Phase
  • Consulting resource for contractors
  • Project supervision
  • Permit processing
  • Occupancy Phase
  • Coordinate final inspections
  • Certificates of Occupancy

Permit Services

  • Building Permits - New Construction / Renovations / Alterations

  • Grading Permits

  • HVAC Permits

  • Footing and Foundation Permits

  • Demo Permits

  • Permit Extensions

  • Sign Permits

  • Planning and Zoning –Variances; Conditional Uses; Minor Subdivision; Major    Subdivision; Site Plan Review, Zoning Map Amendments

  • Temporary/Special Use Permits

  • Water & Sewer Availability / Permits

  • Design Review Submittals

  • Technical Review Submittals

  • Business License

  • Certificate of Occupancy Permits - Temp or Final

  • Inspections/Approvals

  • Code Issue Resolution 

Zoning Research and Land Use Analysis / Due Diligence 

  • Research and analysis of current zoning restrictions

  • Preliminary Review

  • Consulting & Code Analysis

Project Services 

  • Track Project

  • Coordinate correction and re-submittal process

  • Public Hearing and meeting representations

  • Preparation and filing of applications for:  Site Plan Review, Zoning Map Amendments, Variances, Conditional Use Permits, Plan Amendments, Subdivisions (major and minor)

  • Preparation of Findings of Fact

  • Site Photography

  • Final Inspection Coordination

  • Project Close-Out Status Reports

  • Restaurant/Health Permits

  • Plat Recordation

  • Zoning Issue Resolution

  • Fire & Life Safety Coordination

  • Coordination with Utility Companies and Their Requirements

  • Coordinate Meeting with Building Department officials

  • Complete Permit History Research / Inspection History Research


  • Municipal Coordination

  • Liquor License Procurement and Processing with the City of Morgantown

  • Grant Writing  

  • Notary Public

Project Management Services 

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