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Don't just take our word for it!

Home additions and renovations can be very overwhelming.  We cannot say enough positive things about our experience with Lisa Mardis and Project Management Services.  When we first met her, we were beyond stressed and frustrated with our home addition project.  We were faced with a stop work order and did not know what to do.  After meeting with her, we knew that she was the right person for the job.  She took care of everything step for us promptly and seamlessly.  Not only was she professional, but she was also personal with us.  She eased our anxiety about the process.  She went above and beyond for us and we will always be grateful.  We highly recommend that you meet with her if you are considering any home project.

-Dave and Brooke Phillips

"...I would strongly recommend the use of her services whenever dealing with Zoning or building issues in the City of Morgantown.  Her expertise and knowledge of the codes and Zoning laws is unsurpassed by anyone. "

 ~Doug Sheppard, GCF2, LLC

 Working with Lisa was great! She met with us face to face with short notice and figured out everything we needed. She got all that information, plus more, within a very short period of time and for a great price.  My partner and I look forward to working with her again!

~Jameson Holehouse

“…commend Lisa Mardis for her expertise and diligence in assisting my company through the approval processes with the City of Morgantown. She was particularly diligent in keeping things on track and in keeping team members on –schedule. Basically Lisa guided the process every step of the way. Lisa’s knowledge, insight and professionalism made the design and bureaucratic approval processes swift and seamless.  I look forward to use Lisa’s experience and expertise in the future and I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone who is considering a project that will require an approval process.”

~Stan Corp

"When I hired PMS to obtain a city zoning board variance for my construction project, I found the company to be prompt, professional, and very easy to work with.  I would definitely recommend PMS to anyone that needs help with their construction project.  Call Lisa, she'll get it done".

- Tom Pownall

"We had a bit of a tricky issue with a home purchase. Our interest in the house was contingent on some outside construction work that the city would have to approve.  It would have been very difficult to get that approval ahead of owning the house, and there was not enough time to navigate the process and secure that approval before putting in an offer and closing. What to do? Pass on the house we otherwise really wanted? Or buy it and take the chance that the city might not approve the construction work, leaving us owning a house we would no longer want? The answer was to call Lisa. In short order, we were able to tell Lisa what we wanted to do in terms of the construction work. She advised us of the potential challenges and then lined up both City Code and Utilities Board employees to come out for a site visit. The end result, through her own experience and drawing in the relevant parties, is that she was able to give us the confidence we needed to purchase the house while knowing that we would ultimately be able to move forward with the construction work. For a very reasonable price, she gave us piece of mind that we were making a good purchase decision. And beyond the results, she is incredibly professional and just a pleasure to work with.  We have no reservations whatsoever about working with her again or recommending her to others!"

– Mark and Jodi Gavin